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Services for passengers with reduced mobility

JSC “Airport Pavlodar” provides airlines with services of assisting passengers with reduced mobility (wheelchair, etc.). Services for passengers with reduced mobility at the airport territory are provided free of charge.

To serve this category of citizens, a preliminary request for services must be mandatorily submitted. The request must be submitted 48 hours before departure / arrival time specified in the ticket.

Upon arrival at the airport, you need to call at the call counters, which are located at the landside parking in special parking lots for cars of persons with special needs, or contact airport inquiry office, or call the phone number: 8 (7182) 661212.

Infrastructure of Pavlodar Airport is constantly improved in accordance with the needs of passengers with reduced mobility.

For your convenience, the airport has: 

· Separate parking spaces with 2 lots for passengers with reduced mobility

· ramps at the entrance to terminal;

· specialtoiletrooms;

· Regular wheelchairs for moving around the airport;

· Transportation wheelchairs for moving on board of aircraft.

Please read the information below, it will help to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable:

Preparing for trip

If you or your family plan an air flight and belong to this category of passengers, when booking and buying a ticket, please indicate which special services and assistance you will need at the airport and during flight. The need for these services should be reported to the air carrier or ticket agent at the time of purchase, but no later than 48 hours before departure. In case passenger's physical condition threatens flight safety, the carrier is entitled to refuse transportation. 

Servicing passengers arriving at Airport Pavlodar

When registering for a flight departing to Pavlodar airport, please indicate which special services and assistance you will need at the airport upon arrival.

After landing at Pavlodar airport, in accordance with the rules established in civil aviation, travelling assistance services will be provided to you when all the passengers leave the aircraft.

You will be assisted in alighting aircraft, getting baggage and, if necessary, accompanied to road transport. 

Baggage registration and service 

Check-in for passengers with reduced mobility for flights of all airlines is made in priority. If necessary, you will be assisted during check-in, border and customs control, registration and delivery of luggage. 

The norm of free transportation of luggage and its dimensions on an aircraft is established by the airline. Restrictions for transportation of personal mobility devices on board of the aircraft as hand luggage or checked baggage are established by the airline. Wheelchair with an electric drive, used by passenger, is handed over to luggage when checking in for a flight.

In accordance with ICAO Technical Instructions for Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, passengers using a wheelchair with liquid electrolyte battery must carry a set of keys / devices for disconnecting battery terminals from wheelchair and battery pack. Disconnecting and connecting battery terminals of a wheelchair with electric drive is carried out by passengers independently or on service request – by an airport employee.

Waiting and boarding the aircraft 

If you travel with children, you can use mother and child room.

If you need medical assistance, please contact a medical center on the first floor of domestic terminal.

Assistance and boarding the aircraft, depending on health status of passengers with reduced mobility is performed by airport employees accompanied by a skilled medical worker. 

For all issues related to services for passengers with reduced mobility at the airport, you can call round-the-clock by phone:


· +7 (7182) 661212

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